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La Chacra D’dago was founded in 2006 when Dagoberto Marin, a second generation farmer, decided to embark on a very ambitious project to convert the 50 organic hectares into biodynamic production, this transition involves a great risk and a drastic change not only in farming techniques, but also in the farmer’s personal habits.
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The harvest is carried out carefully, with a double selection in the field and at the reception of the cherry tree, to preserve an even and optimal ripening at the harvest.

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Beneficiation Plant

Order and cleanliness are priorities in the process plant protocols

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Planta de Beneficio Ddago


Drying is one of the sensitive steps in the processes of specialty coffees, it takes between 18 to 28 days depending on the process.

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Biodiversity is a priority for spiritual reasons and for the concept we have of agriculture, which is why our plantation consists of many native and exotic species.

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Organic certification in the United States

Melissa Greene, ThemeFusion

Organic certification of the European Union.

Sarah Roberts, ThemeFusion

Certification that confirms practices in Biodynamic agriculture.

Sarah Roberts, ThemeFusion

Stamp confirming the demonization of Origin (PERU).

Sarah Roberts, ThemeFusion

Organic certification for Peru.

Ben Springer, ThemeFusion